Help Us Finish these Projects

The school has initiated the following projects to supplement the ever encreasing demand of learning and feeding space. There has been an imperative need to build more class blocks, toilets  and sustain the school feeding program. 

Presently the school has embarked on the following developmental project that require your support.

  • Electrification of the school
  • Digging of the borehole for consistant supply of water
  • Building of more toilet for convinient use .
  • Financing the school feeding program
  • Financing the School Teachers payrol need
  • Financing the general day to day operations of the school.


Nearly all the children come from the local Simoonga Community and many a times report to school on empty stomach, they are unable to pay their school fees hence this compounds the school's inability to pay even descent salaries to school teachers or even speeden develpoment.

Our vision is to facilitate the school to offer competitive school curriculum , better equip the children with productive education for them to be able to face the ever revolutionsing digital world. This vision has been and can only be attained through your help and involvement.

School Projects