We are looking for sponsors to support our pupils, materially, financially and feeding the children in School, if we can have sponsors means that children in the village they will be well motivated.

We are building grade 3,4 and 5 class block here in Simoonga village Livingstone Zambia, we are asking for any support of donations for us to complete constructing this building. Your donation will be highly appreciated.

Teachers planning for extra curriculum in the office.

Teachers planning for extra curriculum in the office.

Pupils at the school stage whilst having a posing photo with teachers.

  • Mission/Moto

    To nurture pupils to be confident and compassionate adults and ultimately responsible individuals and citizens .

  • Philosophy

    Nurturing- exercise duty care and provide guidance

    Synergistic- Be collegial and collaborative as a team

    Innovative- Change the status quo for continued improvement and excellence

  • Thrust

    Academic excellence

    Holistic Education

    Organisational excellence

    Nutritional Balance

Simoonga Thandizani Trust School is located in Simoonga Village, a small and traditional zambian village, just 15 kilometers west of Livingstone City, the tourist capital of Zambia. It is about 24 kilometers from the mighty Victoria Falls, which is a world heritage site.

It was established in 2015. The school enrols children from the age of 3 to 9 years. Currently we have more than 100 students (Jan 2018). Most of the children are disadvantaged as they are vulnerable and orphaned. They are unable to afford the fees in regular government schools. With a large number of families financially destitute, the number of students without access to school is increasing . This has led to the need to create a school.

The school is a community based initiative project with a philathropic conviction to capacitate the underprevilleged children with life enhancing education and skills. This project is community and donor driven. Our school has a very strong community spirit , we work hard to maintain a good parent and community involvement to contribute positively to the ethos of the school, safe environment where children thrive with a right level of support, encouragement and good dollop of common sense and fun.

We have a rich curriculum with a broad enabling opportunities intellectually, physically, emotionally and creatively. We endow pupils with pespectives of gleaning the world beyong school.